Construction of a house from rounded logs - technology for assembling a log frame
A house made of rounded logs is a more progressive analogue of the traditional Russian log house - a hut, which
How to make a poker and scoop for a barbecue with your own hands
How to make a leaf blower from a vacuum cleaner with your own hands The most obvious way is to design a garden leaf blower
How to make automatic watering for indoor plants yourself
Homemade automatic machine for watering indoor plants The article describes the design of a simple homemade automatic machine for
A concrete garden bench that will last forever - thieves won’t steal it, and rain won’t matter
Hi all! Now the time has come when we spend it at the dacha
Winter is coming: the right hand warmer with a built-in battery
Medical heating pad A rubber heating pad is filled with hot water. It is then wrapped in several layers of fabric
Water supply diagram from a well
Automation for wells: main types, operating principles and connection diagrams
For individual water supply, boreholes and borehole sources of clean water are used, the intake of which is carried out from
How to fix a broken knife handle with your own hands so it’s like new
If your finger is injured during a breakdown, the appearance of cuts is of great importance for deciphering folk signs.
How to make a rack for seedlings yourself?
Any experienced summer resident knows that in order to grow seedlings, in addition to good soil, regular watering,
How to make a tank for a boat motor with your own hands from a canister
All and a little more about gas tanks for motor boats Continuous supply of fuel for movement
Examples of simple outdoor flowerpots
DIY flowerpots made of cement and fabric
Flowerpot made of fabric Old things are always available at every summer cottage or country house
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