Nomad: Homemade mini chopper. Russian motorcycle: “like a chopper” from grandfather’s “Ural” Making a chopper
Harley-Davidson CVO Breakout A new product of the legendary American brand, more guilty than others of romanticizing the image
Big heart made of balloons for a wedding
Do-it-yourself shelf: how to make it from wood, plywood and scrap materials for the wall? TOP 130 photos of the best design ideas
Big heart made of balloons for a wedding December 13, 2016 admin How to decorate an apartment or
The Russian answer to the Hummer based on the GAZ-66. Base gas 66
Do-it-yourself UAZ dumps (drawings) An SUV on the farm of the owner of a suburban area, taking into account
Homemade pile driver for screw piles from a meat grinder
The pile twister is intended
Do-it-yourself bucket cart and wheelbarrow with motor | Do it yourself - How to do it yourself
Do-it-yourself garden wheelbarrow, photo Many people are interested in the question - why do homemade workers make construction wheelbarrows?
how to make handle lights
How to make lights for car door handles with your own hands?
Comments: no Published: November 29, 2015 Rating: Illumination of door handles in a car is insignificant, but
Welding helmet repair and modernization
I am creating a layout for cutting. For the layout I used a piece from an old cardboard box measuring 400x400
Drawing of a differential for a walk-behind tractor
Do-it-yourself stand for changing the shoes of a motor cultivator
How to make a differential for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands? Despite the fact that the differential to the walk-behind tractor
Decorating a fireplace in a classic style
We make a door for the oven with our own hands from available materials
Why do they even put doors on the fireplace? It is believed that a door with glass is a necessity of modern
Frame for 2 din radio: characteristics and installation
The standard audio device placed in the car does not suit all owners. But replacing equipment involves
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