DIY St. George Ribbon 2022. Beautiful and simple ideas from kanzashi style ribbons

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Good day! Or as they also say, ok Google))). Tell me, my friend, how to make something out of a St. George ribbon? Admit it, you often communicate like this, ah-ha-ha.

In general, today we are going to get acquainted with such a funny and very beautiful attribute that we always attach to our clothes and even hang on our cars. Whatever one may say, it has become very fashionable lately. We even started selling such crafts near large supermarkets, and I see that in the May days they are snapped up by young needlewomen with a bang.

Well, so what, it really looks very attractive, and most importantly symbolizes this significant day in the history of our beloved country, Russia. Do you know the history of this attribute? Write your guesses and assumptions at the bottom of this note.

I just want to remind you that in addition to such decorations and badges of honor, veterans on this day should be presented with flowers, read poetry to them and, of course, present some surprise in the form of a craft or postcard.

How to correctly and beautifully tie a St. George ribbon on clothes? (diagram inside)

It has long been known that such a ribbon denotes two states, death and resurrection, or rather these two colors, orange and black.

There are several ways to tie such an attribute; it dates back to the reign of Catherine II. It was then that soldiers and wars were awarded such a gift and this is how you could tie this detail on your attire.

I think you will be surprised now when you see this picture, but at the same time you will know, and perhaps practice at home in advance.

The most popular methods are presented before you, you can do it using the easiest way, you can also tie it with a tick, in the form of a tie, or even with a scarf. Yes, this image shows everything perfectly.

But that’s not all, it’s not enough to be able to fold the tape this way, you also need to know where and in what places it can be placed.

There are prohibited areas of the body where, according to new recommendations, this attribute should not be applied. Look at the picture and remember.

Well, of course, you can not just take and attach such beauty, but somehow decorate and design it in a cool way so that it attracts the eye. This is exactly what we will talk about next.

DIY St. George ribbon made from ribbons using the kanzashi technique

Undoubtedly, for the holiday this sign of honor of clothing can be secured in a special and more effective way. If you are also a creative person, then please pay attention to such a product. It can be done in 1 hour, it can be done by a child, but only by an adult, or it can be done by younger children, but only under the supervision of elders. Because some parts are melted here.

You'll get a cool brooch in the shape of a three-dimensional star, I saw one like this last year, but I didn't think that it could be made so easily and quickly at home. Class! MK is taken from the Country of Mothers.

You will need:

  • tape by meter (width 35 mm) - 60 cm
  • brooch base - 1 pc.
  • pin - 1 pc.
  • rhinestones, beads, etc.
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • candle or lighter
  • glue gun

Stages of work:

1. Take an orange and black ribbon and cut it into rectangular pieces, each shape should be 7 cm long.

2. Now, to make it convenient, you need to take tweezers. You can do without it, take eyebrow tweezers, and this is what we do, we bend the base so that the angle comes out, as you can see, as a straight line.

3. Then crumple it again, from right to left, and level the bottom part so that it comes out smooth.

4. Fold in half again.

5. What does it look like? I think it's a petal. Select the edges of the product.

6. And you have to set them on fire

7. This is how beautiful it will turn out. This is what the reverse side looks like.

8. To create a star, you will need to make 5 such templates, the main thing is that they are almost the same so that it looks perfect.

9. The rest of the tape, its length should be about 20 cm, trim the ends in the form of a greater and lesser sign on both sides. In other words, you should fold it in half and cut it at a 45 degree angle.

10. Next, place each end in the center and glue it together.

11. Glue or sew on the back side, depending on what base you have for the brooch. Thread a pin through.

12. Turn the workpiece over and, well, now glue the star or perhaps it will resemble a flower with a glue gun, and decorate the middle with any decor.

This beauty can be used as a pendant for a car; then, instead of the base for the brooch, you need to glue a satin ribbon. It will look like a keychain.

By the way, the middle can be done in this way, you can cheat it, decorate it with inscriptions that you can find on the Internet or download right now.

Next, print the finished templates on a color printer, cut them out and glue them to cardboard, and then the petals can be glued directly to such a blank.

You can print it on photo paper, it will look brighter and even more beautiful.

It will look unusual and very worthy at the holiday!

Here are some more ideas you can implement.

Such waves, or lambs, I don’t even know what to call such a craft, also made an impression on me. Like?

Or something similar, as they did in the first version.

Only here the fabric doesn’t bend so much, see for yourself.

You can do without glue and sew with a regular needle and thread. Some people are simply afraid of a glue gun, or perhaps they don’t have one yet. So, no big deal, consider this option then.

Another amazing design idea. Of course, more accurate measurements are needed here.

It still looks magical.

What crafts can you make with St. George's ribbon?

Crafts made from St. George ribbons are selected according to different criteria. Some choose exclusively according to the style and color of their clothes, others simply love flowers more than stars. Some love the classics, while others prefer the new and unusual.

  • St. George ribbons with carnations, tulips, lilacs and other flowers;
  • kanzashi stars;
  • kanzashi with a tricolor in the form of a flower, a spikelet or a white-blue-red tricolor;
  • kanzashi with spikelets of different colors - golden and black, green and gold, etc.;
  • kanzashi marshmallows;
  • kanzash decorated with various accessories - half beads, beads, stars.

We decorate the St. George ribbon easily and simply 2021

Now I offer step-by-step instructions, with the help of which you can teach children how to tie this little thing like this. After all, sometimes you want to show the children something unusual in kindergarten or, for example, in elementary school. So, just this case and take this idea as a basis.

Lay the strip of fabric horizontally in front of you.

Then, with your hands on each side, bring the ends towards the center. But before that, you still need to determine the middle.

This can be done by eye or using a regular ruler.

I think this will make a bow.

Yes, of course it is. Secure it with a pin or gently drip glue. You can sew it on, depending on what age group of children is gathered.

Or simply tie it with thread or satin ribbon.

The next option is more complicated, and it is already for older schoolchildren or for those who do needlework and love this skill. Make the petals first. The piece of fabric should be about 11 cm.

Use tweezers to pinch very tightly and bring it to the candle, slightly melting it.

Be careful with the fire; it is better to place the candle in a bowl or place it on a special stand.

Make exactly five of these things.

Glue them together with a glue gun to make a flower.

It looks more like an icon in the form of a five-pointed star.

All that remains is to complete it with any decorative decoration. For example, a rhinestone or a button.

Next to this blank is the rest of the tape folded in half. You can additionally cut out another circle of felt and first glue a strip to it, then a star.

And on the back side glue the clasp from the brooch.

The result was a souvenir in the form of the Order of Victory.

With flowers

Flowers on brooches made from St. George's ribbon look festive and create a spring mood. Try this ribbon craft.

You need to prepare in advance:

  • St. George ribbon, size 3.5*28 cm;
  • pink grosgrain ribbon, 1.2*117 cm (3 flowers);
  • green grosgrain ribbon, 1.2*25 (5 leaves);

  • felt base, diameter 4 cm;
  • pin;
  • beads, rhinestones, half-beads;
  • glue, scissors, thread, needle, lighter, tweezers.

The ribbon is folded into a loop with identical tails and glued from the inside.

The tails are cut at an angle and singed with a lighter to make the St. George ribbon look neat.

A glue strip is applied from the inside to connect the front and back of the craft.

The fastener is sewn to the felt base with several stitches to secure it well.

The felt base, on the other side, is smeared with glue and fixed on the wrong side of the ribbon blank.

6 pieces of 6.5 cm each are formed from pink ribbon. The edges are melted with a lighter.

The workpiece is folded in half, one edge is tucked in.

The folded edge is brought to the fold line and secured with a pin.

The second edge also turns up.

The free edge is thrown forward to the fold line and is also secured with a pin.

In this way, all 6 blanks are formed.

Along the bottom edge of each workpiece is grabbed with a white thread, and then if you carefully pull it, you get a delicate petal.

Each next petal must be sewn with the same thread, without breaking it, moving it towards the previous one.

When the last petal is hemmed, you need to remove the needle, pull up the free edges of the thread, tie them and trim off the excess. The petals need to be straightened.

A bead is attached to the center of the workpiece - with glue or a special nail.

A piece of green tape is made into a loop, the edges are folded in and singed.

4 more leaves are made in the same way.

Flowers and leaves are attached to the base using a glue gun.

This beautiful St. George ribbon is made with your own hands from simple available materials.

Step-by-step master class for Victory Day

You know, while I was preparing for this article, I found so many awesome crafts that I simply couldn’t put them all here. But, among the wide variety, I really liked this masterpiece. In general, I decided to devote two notes on this topic this year. So, if anyone is interested, wait for another note to come out soon.

Moreover, the author showed and described everything in very detail, all that remains is to repeat these actions. But to make it easier, you can actually watch this MK in this video.

If you don’t like watching, or the Internet is slow and hangs, then read this. This option is similar to the previous ones, but it is still different, but you will see for yourself that it is new.

We will need:

Stages of work:

Take the width of the tape 2.5 cm. Determine the length yourself, bend it at an angle, as shown in the picture below.

You need to cut out 5 such blanks.

Remember that you need to be extremely careful and careful when working with a glue gun so as not to burn your hands.

We repeat step by step.

Also keep an eye on your workspace.

You can use a candle instead of a lighter.

And now the most interesting thing is that this decor will make this craft even more beautiful.

You can take any color, silver and gold.

It turns out amazing.

By the way, you can make such a badge in the style of the tricolor of our Russian flag. A video from the YouTube channel will help with this.

Step-by-step master classes on how to create a St. George ribbon in different styles with your own hands

Instead of buying ready-made paraphernalia, it is better to make a St. George’s ribbon from satin, using the capabilities of your own hands, as well as the recommendations of older comrades.

This practice for the younger generation will be a good help in developing creativity skills, as well as feasible assistance for adults.

And all this together will allow us to prepare for the celebration of May 9, to worthily celebrate the day memorable for veterans - the victory over fascism.

How to make a St. George ribbon from a satin ribbon for May 9

The process itself takes no more than an hour. First-graders, under the supervision of adults, are able to make bright, original badges to use themselves or as gifts. This will require a minimum of materials and tools .

How to make a St. George ribbon from paper?

Amazed? Surprised? But this option also exists. Paper is a material that is found in every home; it is not difficult to work with, and most importantly, it is always available.

Read this manual and repeat all the necessary steps.

Two-color ribbon decorated with flowers

Spring has come and brought with it a good mood and, of course, singing birds and blooming flowers. On Victory Day it is nice to give carnations and tulips to veterans. Therefore, I propose to make such creations this time.

In fact, you can make not only these flowers, I have seen that such brooches are decorated with forget-me-nots, roses and a sprig of lilac or apple blossom. Of course, this is the well-known kanzashi technique. Take a look at this selection of stories.

I think they will be useful to many, who are making this wonderful creation for the first time.

Great! Is not it? And most importantly, the author shows everything in detail.

Let's get to work, make a brooch with tulips, recommendations were given by Olga Ivanova.

This time take a wide satin ribbon, its width should be 5 cm. Using a ruler and pencil, make segments equal to 4 cm, cut the fabric into 9 parts. Cut each template in half.

The ends should be made in a semicircle; these will be the petals of the future flower.

Now you need to set the edges on fire so that they do not fluff.

Using your fingers, carefully form two folds at the bottom of the base, as if making a small accordion, and secure with fire. Use tweezers. You will need to make 18 such petals to make three tulips; each bud will require 6 blanks.

Next, decorate the thin wire with any green fabric or corrugated paper and twist it along the surface of the wire. Then use pliers to wrap the edge into a loop. The result is a stem.

Interesting! You can also wrap it with green threads, in general, use your ingenuity and imagination.

And into this rounding place small stamens (6-7 pieces) made of wire.

Now let's start assembling, complete the first row and decorate it with three petals. Glue them to each other in a circle.

Next, glue the next batch of three petals so that they stick together with the petals of that row.

Now we make the sepals, to do this, bend a piece of square green fabric 5 cm x 5 cm in such a way as if you were working with a sheet of paper and fold it in half diagonally twice, and then again. These actions are reminiscent of the process of folding a snowflake.

Next, cut and round and open the product, then heat the needle (hold it over the flame for 14 seconds) and pierce the workpiece. But, before that, don’t forget to treat the edges with a candle when your sepal is rolled up.

We put the resulting green beauty on the stem to the flower and glue it with a gun.

This is how we make all the other samples, and then connect everything with another sepal, and treat the stem with corrugated paper.

Now you need to make an elegant bow from a thin ribbon (12 mm). Take a fork and thread the end of the strip through like this. With the end you are not working, take it to the right side, and pass the working end into the center.

Then press it a little and pass the working ribbon again through the middle of the fork.

Tie a knot tightly with your hands.

All that remains now is to remove it.

And cut the ends at an angle of 45 degrees, and then melt each one so as not to fringe.

Do the same with the St. George ribbon itself, trim the ends and melt them.

Roll it into a figure eight and glue it together with the bouquet.

Also glue the base of the brooch to the back, that is, thread at least a small pin.

And finally, a stunning spring masterpiece with blooming tulips.

How to decorate the St. George ribbon with a beautiful spikelet of kanzashi

The kanzashi technique came to us from Japan. The petals, made of silk, were carefully folded and a unique miracle emerged. Let's together make a small work of art with our own hands to decorate the St. George ribbon.

We will need:

• St. George Ribbon; • satin ribbons in black and orange, matching the tone of the St. George ribbon; • tweezers; • black beads for decoration; • glue, you can use a hot glue gun; • scissors; • lighter, candle or small gas burner.

We cut the satin ribbons into squares with a side of 5 cm. In total, you need to make 7 elements of black color and fourteen of orange ribbon. We process the edges in a flame so that they do not unravel.

Take an orange square and fold it diagonally.

We fold the resulting triangle again, forming a sharp-shaped petal. We fix the element with tweezers.

We cut the edge with scissors and treat it with flame. The edges will stick together in this way. We take the workpiece lengthwise with tweezers. Cut off the bottom side with scissors. We melt the cut edges with a flame.

Similar to the first one, we make the remaining orange petals from all the prepared squares. At the next stage, take a black square. Fold diagonally. Then, take the orange petal and wrap it in a black triangle. Place another orange petal on top of the black element. We get a part consisting of three layers of satin ribbons.

We cut off the lower part and process the cut with a flame so that all edges are securely connected to each other.

By repeating the steps, we get seven sharp petals, each of which contains black and orange. Next, we collect the elements into a beautiful spikelet. We attach the petals to each other using hot glue. We form the central line from prepared decorative black beads.

At the next step we make a loop from the St. George ribbon. Glue a spikelet on top of it.

If you attach a fastening element to the reverse side, you will get an original brooch. A self-decorated St. George's ribbon can be used to decorate a gift for a loved one. The decoration will favorably emphasize the character of the owner at Victory Day celebrations and other patriotic holidays.

Brooch for May 9th in kanzashi style (MK + photo illustrations)

Since you have landed on this page, I can assume that this is the information you are looking for. Is not it? How do you like such diverse ideas? I tried to find as much stuff as possible so that you could find the best and most beautiful option for yourself.

Write your review or wish at the bottom of the article, I will be very grateful for your response.

Well, on the monitor screen we look at the next victory icon, only it is different from all the previous ones, it also has two elegant ribbons dangling at the bottom. It looks like an honorary medal for services to the Fatherland.

We will need:

Stages of work:

1. Take a St. George ribbon 3.5 cm wide and 25 cm long. Make squares of 10 pieces of each color from a black and orange satin ribbon (strip width 5 cm).

For decoration you will need a ribbon 2.5 cm wide, from it cut out 6 squares 2.5 cm by 2.5 cm.

2. Take a piece of black tape and fold the square diagonally.

3. Do the same with the yellow-orange square.

4. Then close it one more time.

5. And again, to make a small petal, draw lines like this. And then unfold it, there is no need to fold it a third time.

6. Now place the black triangle like this with the angle down, and the orange blank with the base down.

7. Start folding the ends of the black fabric.

8. Do this on each side. As shown in this picture.

9. Repeat the work one more time.

10. Then flatten it with your hands, you can transfer the work to tweezers.

11. Light and singe the ends.

12. Trim off the excess.

12. And again use a lighter.

13. Next, start making small petals for the funnels.

14. They are also performed in the same way. Glue these blanks onto 6 mm tape with a glue gun.

15. From those first blanks, also assemble a flower. Coat each side of the petal with glue.

16. Next, take the badge and glue it to the front side of the product.

17. Thus we come to the final part. Fold the two-color ribbon into a figure eight and glue it together.

18. Decorate with the remaining details. It is preferable to make the base for the brooch on the reverse side. So that you can pin it on clothes or any other object.

New kanzash from the St. George ribbon for May 9

Interesting kanzashi brooches are made using a double layer of ribbons - satin and brocade. In this way, not only flowers are created, but also gilded stars.

  1. For each of the 5 rays of the star, take 2 ribbons measuring 2.5x6 cm, gold and red. They are connected together so that the gold strip peeks out from under the red one by 0.3-0.5 cm. The edges are connected by burning them.
  2. The edges are tucked towards the center, ironing the bends with your fingers.
  3. Turn the edges of the triangle in the opposite direction.
  4. The ends of the petal are trimmed with scissors and set on fire.
  5. Five rays are assembled into a star, securing each ray with glue.
  6. Cut a thin brocade ribbon 0.6 mm wide and 5 cm long.
  7. The sections are treated with fire and a loop is rolled out of it.
  8. Having made five loops, glue them to the wrong side of the star so that they look out between the rays.
  9. An asterisk is glued into the middle of the star and the structure is attached to a loop of St. George's ribbon.

Original and simple car suspension

In general, you can take absolutely any type of work as a basis, just instead of the pin that is made on the back, make a ribbon and then such a symbol of victory can be hung in the car.

I suggest you make it this time in the tricolor style, this can also be used for Russia Day.

Since in this article I have already given many recommendations on how to make petals using the kanzashi technique, I think I will not repeat myself here, you can scroll above and read the information.

Let me just say that you will need 6 squares of each color (blue, red and white) ribbon 5 cm x 5 cm, tricolor 2 cm, and a satin ribbon in the style of the three colors of the flag.

Make petals from squares of different colors using any method you like, as described above.

Don't forget to scorch the edges to prevent them from fraying.

Make petals from the three-color style ribbon too.

Then start assembling the product, insert one petal into another, as if making a spikelet.

Make two such blanks.

Use glue to create a star using other colorful petals.

Afterwards, connect everything and insert another decorative satin ribbon in the form of a loop.

You can decorate it in different ways. To your taste and discretion.

Many are satisfied with another option so that they can secure it somewhere. Yes, if you don't have a brooch base, you can use a regular pin and a piece of felt instead, take a look.

Victory symbol made from ribbons with a star

Moving on, I offer another option using the kanzashi style. Only now we will make a very beautiful star.

You will need:

  • St. George satin ribbon 60 cm;
  • decorative beads or rhinestones;
  • brooch clasp;
  • centimeter;
  • scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • candle, small gas burner or lighter;
  • glue or hot glue gun.

Work process:

1. Take the St. George ribbon and cut it into 5 rectangles of 7 cm each.

2. Take one rectangle and form it into a right angle.

3. Fold this element so that the right side of the ribbon forms on the left and align the bottom edges.

4. Next, fold it in half.

5. Bend the bottom side so that the edge aligns with the top border of the part.

6. Trim the flat edge and heat it, pressing the layers together until they stick together.

7. You need to make five of these petals.

8. Next, cut a 20 cm strip from the St. George ribbon. Trim the edges on both sides, as shown in the photo. Treat with fire.

9. Roll the ribbon according to the pattern.

10. You need to sew a fastening element on the wrong side, and glue the threads with glue.

11. Glue 5 star-shaped petals on the front side of the ribbon. And glue a bead or rhinestones in the middle.

By the way, the star can be made from other color ribbons, so choose for yourself.

The main attribute of the holiday made of satin ribbons and beads

Among the wide variety of jewelry, another souvenir decorated with beads is very impressive.

In fact, if you are into beadwork, then you just need to glue the necessary attribute onto the St. George ribbon. For example, in one of our previous articles we made a rose, it can be used here too.

And now I suggest you familiarize yourself with this story.

Or this instruction.

Tips from needlewomen

The following tips from experienced craftswomen will help you create a St. George ribbon with your own hands:

  1. When making a brooch for May 9 using the kanzashi “marshmallow” technique, the length of the ribbon can be more than 90 cm. It directly depends on the density of the ribbon. The thinner the material, the better it curls. If it is not possible to determine the exact length, take a strip with a reserve or make a brooch directly from a skein, unwinding it as you go and making a cut at the very end of the work process.
  2. Too lush kanzashi flowers on the St. George ribbon look out of place.
    Important! When sewing kanzashi marshmallow petals with tacks, you need to use the same needle and thread, without making new knots each time. To make the petals lie closer to each other, the thread is pulled up by first passing it through all the inner edges.
  3. To prevent the product from becoming deformed when the edges are scorched, the fire should not be brought too close. Also, deformation can occur with a very large flame.
  4. If the purpose of singeing the edges is not processing, but joining, it is important to pinch the edges a little with tweezers to make the joint tighter and more reliable.
  5. To make carnations, you can use not only braid, but also ordinary fabric, cut into strips of the appropriate length and width.
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